Lakers won 2009 NBA title!!!

Lakers won!!!!!!!!!!
They just became a champion 2009!!!



I’m soooo happy for Kobe Bryant who leads the team and coaches them and is captain of the USA team! Finally, he just proved to the world that he’s the best player in the world! He also proved that he can win without Shaq!! hahaha!
He’s always been compared to Shaq or Michael Jordan, like “He can’t be Michael Jordan!” “He can’t lead the team, he’s the one man player..” but tonight he finally shut those haters mouth!!!

優勝してコービーが喜んでる姿を見て、感動して泣きそうになった… そりゃーそうでしょ。。。コービーは今回でファイナル4回優勝したけど、今までは、シャックとか他のベテラン選手が居て自分の力で勝ったと認めてもらえず、いつもプレスとかに批判されてばかり。「彼はマイケル・ジョーダンにはなれない」とかシャックと比較されたり散々たたかれてきたコービー。。。

Thank Kobe for staying Lakers a couple of years ago!! If he gave up playing in Lakers at that time,we fan couldn’t even feel that accomplishment!


He has won 4 times NBA title as a player since 2002, but as a team leader of Lakers, since he leads this team by himself, this is his 1st win!!!! so it means a lot to him for sure!! More than ever!!!

All the Lakers haters, Kobe haters,listen, Kobe is the man in NBA!!!!! 😉

I’m so proud to be Kobe and a laker fan!

I can’t wait for the parade!


  1. chris* · June 15, 2009

    yeah congratulations. I watched the game over an internet stream. Was ok, but sometimes the stream just dropped out. However I feel so happy for the Lakers. Was a really great game


  2. The_Brain · June 15, 2009

    YAY they won !!!MVP MVP !!!
    It's so awesome for Kobe, Fisher and all the others (It's Pau's first title )


  3. Erina · June 16, 2009

    I'm so happy for them! Yeah, for Kobe and Fish this is their 4th time champion as a player, for Phil, is 10 th title as a coach. Bravo!
    7 years! wow! I can't wait to see them tomorrow at home in Los Angeles!!


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