I saw “UP” finally.

It was hilarious, fun, impressed, sad all included in this movie! Everything touched in my heart!

本編の前にPIXARの短編、『Partly Cloudy』があり、これがまた良くて一緒に行ったAちゃんはこの時点で既に感動して泣いちゃってましたw 私も『Partly Cloudy』のエンディングは、やられちゃいましたっ。
At the beginning of the movie, the short film,called “Partly Cloudy” started,,,It was amazing! My friend and I cried already at this point…


After the movie was over, my friend and I had to run into the bathroom to fix makeup…:P

笑い、喜び、悲しみ、ねたみ、すべてがこの映画に詰まっていて、心にじーんときました。”Monsters Inc.” も、とても感動して泣いたんですが、実は同じ監督だったのを知って、やはり。。。とうなずける感じ。

I laughed, cried ,laughed ,and cried again, non stop like this over and over in this movie…you’ll see what it was meant after you saw this movie. It reminds me of the “Monsters,Inc.” the relationship between a little girl and a monster. It made me cry but laugh as well.



I would not be surprised that this movie will be nominated and win the Oscars!
UP is That really good!


I definitely want to see this movie again!


  1. chris* · June 10, 2009

    Do women always go to the bathroom to fix up their make-up? even after just one movie. I as a boy always appreciate if a girl takes her time to do her make up but surely it is not necessary to fix it after a movie (^_^)

    Well first I was not going to see that movie but now I think I might go as well, it seems you had a lot of fun ^_^


  2. Erina · June 11, 2009

    Yeah, I really enjoyed the movie a lot. I think you're gonna like this if you see this 🙂


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