LAFD Annual Event

They came back again! During the lunch time last Thursday, Yuka and I went to the LAFD Annual event at downtown LA. Actually we already went this event last year as well. I took a lot of pics of that event from last year.

I had not started this blog yet last year around this time.

We took pictures with Firefighters…,

I became a firefighter…,

and had some tasty food…,it was like a carnival! but…

This year was a little different from the last year. The food booths looked less than the last time. We were looking for the food that we had last time…,but we couldn’t find it…Firefighters from various food booths were walking around so we got chance to get the most of all food of sample.At this time, I just got a BBQ Pork sandwich with salad…Sorry I didn’t take a picture of it, but the taste was good.

We bought $10 combo meal tickets, $7 for food, $1 for drink, $2 for etc. We both have $2 tickets left…thought that we don’t wanna waste that money!! so got in line to get a funnel cake…however it was a huge line, had to wait for over half an hour…so we gave up to get the cake.

We got kettle corn instead of the funnel cake. This booth was also a line too…at last, it’s the same thing which lines that we got in…gah…

でも男がうらやむ、あのレイカーガールズに会って写真撮れたのが唯一の収穫かな~♪ ほほほ♪(勝ち誇った感じwww)
Look at this!! I took pictures of Laker Girl! I’m in too! hehehee. Isn’t this good huh? In this event,these pictures are the only thing that I can be proud of…hahaha!


  1. The_Brain · June 7, 2009

    You're so lucky to have met the Laker girls, . Gosh, fire fighters and the Lakers cheerleader in the same day, I'm so jealous right now lol


  2. Erina · June 8, 2009

    haha! Wasn't it cool!?
    By the way, I didn't know that you like fire fighters though…


  3. The_Brain · June 8, 2009

    I think they are cool, and I like the truck too lol


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