Tokyo Dome Part 1/いざ東京ドームへ1


母の親友に東京ドームホテルに連れてってもらったよ♪ One of my mom’s best friend took me to TOKYO DOME HOTEL for 1 night stay.

ロビーの様子 At the Lobby

客室へつながるエレベーター。かなり高速っw さすが日本のハイテクエレベーター!The elevators to the guest rooms…It was fast speed elevator! Bravo! Japanese high-tech!

Our room was located on 26 floor out of 43rd floors building. It’s nice view from there!

部屋から見た景色。 The view from our room. (日中編/Daytime)

部屋から見た景色。 The view from our room. (夜編/night time)

Japanse Idol Group, “KAT-TUN” Live concert has been going on at the TOKYO DOME so there were lots of young groupies outside. Man!


この日、ホテル到着してすぐ、43階にあるレストラン、「アーティスツカフェ」にディナーの予約を入れ、予約の時間までまだ時間があったので乾杯しようということで、下の階のBar 2000にて軽く1杯。目の前東京ドーム真正面を一望でき、とても大人な雰囲気のバーでした。Just right before the dinner time, we still had time for the reservation at “Artist’s Cafe“, we stopped by the bar called,”Bar 2000“.

That’s it for the Part1 now.


  1. chris* · May 24, 2009

    Tokyo Dome looks so impressive. It is really beautiful. I would love to stay there for one night myself and you look so cute in that mirror. Kawaii desu :/

    I would just love to be next to you right now ^_^


  2. The_Brain · May 25, 2009

    Yeah, the view does looks amazing when you see the dome from the up.
    I like the food pictures too lol.


  3. Erina · May 28, 2009

    Yeah, the Tokyo Dome neon looked sooo amazing! I saw it from my room where I stayed! Wasn’t it awesome??
    BTW,thank you guys for the good comments about pictures 😉


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