Exhibition of the Products of Hokkaido/北海道物産展


なんと~~~っ 北海道物産展がちょうど地元の駅ビルで開催中!
Exhibition of products of Hokkaido have been held in my hometown Hachioji between 5/19 to 5/25. Hokkaido food is superb in Japan. Tasty milk, seafood, fruit,vegetables a lot more. If you want to eat delicious food in Japan, I would recommend you to go to Hokkaido.
I saw lots of people in this exhibition to get delicious food on Tuesday morning. I was one of them too. Lots of good food made me difficult to make a decision what I should get.

Most popular one was Pure Caramel Candy. It was about $8 a dozen…little bit expensive…


It was a huge line of caramel section…There are various flavors,such as milk caramel, bananas,chocolate,and green tea. become addicted to it…:)


前にも食べたことはあったんですが、このチーズオムレツが最高においしいの~w 口の中でとろけるような歯ごたえ!んんんんー!たまらない!(…って誰だよw)
This cheese omelette is sooooo good. I felt as if it was meling on my toungue.

I looooove bread!!! Pullman Bakery‘s signature is this deep fried curry sauce bread. I got 4 of them.


On the TVshow called, “TV Champion”, this curry bread have held the championship for 2 times in row in Japan. Umai wakeda ne~

This is the Pullman Bakery’s number 1 hit product. You can eat this bread without butter. Mmmmm, yummy!

他にも、At the exhibition, they have…


こーんなもの、and this,

and this! (Sorry, most pictures I took was sweets…)

This milk and yogurt were taken by Jersey cattle. 1 liter was sold about $5 bucks!!!
ha ha ha ha ha…thick taste though…it’s really good.

at last, I had a milk ice cream. Just the taste of thicker milk!! Wowww…

I feel like I’m going to become a pig already…Oh no!

and many others…

ロイズのチョコ Royce chocolates

LeTAOのベークドチーズケーキ Baked cheesecake


cheese cakes and Belgian chocolate cakes


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