Going to Japan, but…/日本行きます!けど…

I’m going to Japan this Thursday. I’ll be arrived by Friday night…I’m so excited but also anxious.
My dad told me about the news of Swine Flu. Last Friday, a male student who arrived at Narita airport from the U.S. was confirmed to be infected with the new flu.
To prevent the spread of the swine flu in Japan, government forces to put all doubtful passengers who seated nearby the student in the hotel by the airport for 10 days.

OMG! This news scares hell out of me…
It’s not good timing to go to Japan…

I was thinking I should change the date of departure if I can and that would be better postpone to go to Japan…, but when I checked my email of the airplain ticket info, says no change schedule of the date of departure, if you’d like to change it, you should BUY another ticket.

Then I talked to my dad about thinking about postpone the date.
He was like, don’t even think about it! You shouldn’t be! This was not your vacation! It’s for your mother’s anniversary of death. You better think of what you’re going to do again!

…yes, yes, I knew it…


Gah!! I’m so scared!!!! What would I do if I were on the same airplain with anyone who already got infected with new flu??!!

I don’t wanna stay in Narita for 10days!!!
I have already schedule for the plan while I’m in Japan…

Have to pray for the GOD!!!








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