Moved in / 引っ越しました!

I finished moved into a new place on April 28th.

Still unpacking…since then.

There are lots of closets and storage…and each room is bigger than ever…
so those are good things. 🙂

I’d like to announce that if anyone wants a Play Station 2 or anyone’s shoe size would be between 5~6, just let me know 🙂
I’d like to sell those items。
By the way, I have 3 shoes that I’ve never wore 🙂
Those items are negotiable.

引っ越しましたー♪ 4月28日付けで。。。


今度のとこは、収納が多いのと部屋、キッチン、バスルームが大きいのが嬉しいとこ ♡


それから、プレステ2 売ろうと思ってます。


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