Paul McCartney @ Madeo/ポール!

Paul McCartney was at Madeo Ristorante in West Hollywood,last night!
Madeo is the very expensinve Italian restaurant that always celebrities are going. Paparazzi were waiting outside of the restaurant all the time.
My boyfriend, Luigi is working there, so he told me about this all the time.

Last night, as of Luigi, there were so many paparazzi waiting for Paul McCartney… Wow, I can see that from this video though…

I’ve never been to Madeo Ristorante, yet…, but I will go soon, and then I will post restaurant review on my blog! 🙂 I’m going to be a paparazzi, too!

I just can’t wait…

ポール・マッカートニーが Madeo に来た!とルイジが昨晩行ってたのですが、帰り際をパパラッチされたビデオがアップされていました!なので、早速ブログにも… 笑

Madeo とはルイジが働くイタリアンレストランなんですが、パスタが24ドル!みたいな、


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  1. mayumi · April 19, 2009



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