Easter Lunch @ Rod’s House

On Easter Sunday, Gigi and I went to Rodney Linnum’s house in Granada Hills.

Rod, Rod’s mom Gloria and Ryan & Kristy have dogs. Rod’s house are like more dog’s house. They are soooo cute!!




There were 2 more dogs, one is Zoey and another one is Zuzoo.(I forgot to take their picutres…:(
We met Ryan and Kristy again. Last time we saw them was on Thanksgiving holiday. Hmm, always nice couple!

Time to eat!イースターで食べたもの。

Ham and Potatoes

Orange Moose


What I had…

After the easter food, we were struggling to eat dessert. Soooo stuffed…

Kristy’s Pineapple Cakes

Egg’s Shape Rasberry moose cake

The chocolate one was ours

I had so much fun and really had a good easter lunch there!
How was your Easter?


Rod, Gloria! thank you for inviting us! And nice to see Nancy,Ryan,Kristy again. We had such a wonderful time with you guys!
Can’t wait to see you guys soon!

One comment

  1. The_Brain · April 14, 2009

    I think they solved the dispute and found a way to bring Tori for some episode, because she is in tonight episode.
    They have already filmed one or 2 episodes with her so I think we will see her a bit.
    I really hope she will stay.

    Your right Brenda, Kelly and Donna has such good chemistry back in the days.
    I also liked Steve and Brandon.


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