Damian Marley Night

Damian! Yes! I grabbed my girl to see Damian Marley and Nas at Grammy Museum in downtown, about a couple of weeks ago.

As you know, Damian is a son of legendary reggeae artist Bob Marley

and he is also three time Grammy Award winning reggae artist. To me, he’s the best reggae artist among Marley family nowadays.

His brothers are also reggae artist, but I’m less interested in their music because Damian is more good looking, maybe…? JK!

Nas, NY Hiphop artist, and Damian Marley was working on an album together in the recording studio, so in this event, Nas and Damian got the interview about their album work and our audiences were able to be involved with them. Like, we can question them, and they’ll answer to us, kinda thing too. More “Inside Actor’s Studio” type of event. After the interview, live music battle started by both artist.
That moment was awesome.

会場の中 Soundstage




左ダミアン Left:Damian


Ticket cost only $20 bucks. I’d enjoyed the show and enjoyed the inside of the museum 🙂 I definitely want to come back again…


Paparatzied Damian by Yuka

Welcome to Jamrock is my favorite:) これ好きっ!


  1. The_Brain · April 11, 2009

    Oh you are so lucky to be there. The show must have been so great.


  2. Erina · April 12, 2009

    Yeah, the president of the Grammy museum told us, this show was sold in craigslist, like $100 or something…phew…so glad to be there…


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