Sunday Brunch

Usually, weekend breakfast for Erina and Gigi should take place at Susina Bakery Cafe, but this sunday was different.
We headed to Beverly Hills and had a nice brunch at Porta Via.

Porta Via is one of Gigi’s coffee clients.

First of all, before we ordered the food, we had a cup of joe.
I had a Cafe Latte instead of the regular coffee. I love coffee but espresso with steamed milk is preferred. Gigi ordered a regular coffee though.
I forgot to take a picture of the coffee, but it was so rich and tasty.
I can drink without sugar and milk. Coffee itself was sooo good.

Good thing is this place is busy! We saw almost of all customers having the coffee with food, which was really good too 🙂

Their food is really nice as well.
I had a French Toast with real Strawberry!
Gigi had a Greek Egg White Omelet.
OMG! Both were really delicioso!

French Toast

We enjoyed ralaxed and delicious brunch at Porta Via.

If you like latte, you’re going to love it, too 😉




テーブルに座ってるほとんどの客が、Lillo caffe(←ルイジが売ってるコーヒーの会社の名前) のコーヒーを飲んでるね!と、

帰りもはしゃいじゃってますw お茶目やね~。。。


Porta Via
424 North Canon Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210
tel. 310.274.6534

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