California Sales Tax Increases by 1% / カリフォルニアで1%増税

From April 1st, today, California sales tax increase by 1%.

Los Angeles county where I live has been increased 8.25% to 9.25%.
In each county,in different taxing district.

The sales tax would be highest is Pico Rivera & Southgate.
The lowest one is Ventura County.
I am thinking myself that if I need to buy something big,like home appliances, go check at the store in Ventura, otherwise wait for on sale around my neighborhood store.

Ventura is not that far from where I live. 🙂

Unfortunately, The sales tax you pay for the car is different, depends on where you live and where you registered.

Hey, is there anyone know if this tax rate change is just the temporary thing or not?


カリフォルニアのセールスタックスが上がったといっても、住んでる地域によってもともとのタックスのレートが違うので、わたしの住んでるLA county は9.25%になったけど、ディズニーランドがあるOrange County は7.75%から8.75%へ、一番高いとこで、表を見てわかるように、Pico Rivera という地域とSouth gate という地域はカリフォルニアで一番高い、10.25%にあがって、抗議してる人たちが一杯いました。

10.25% ってスゴイですよねー。






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