Gilad was @ Emmy Awards 2008

When I was a high school student, my Mom and I started watching his TV show and did some workout together. The good things of his program is easy to follow, and see the result pretty good.

Since then, I’m always following his exercise, no matter who elses come out his next.
When the time has changed, Billy Blanks Bootcamp exercise came up though, but I was sticking to Gilad’s exercise. To me, he’s the greatest bodyworkout trainer whole time.
Gilad Janklowicz. He’s a fitness video TV show host and producer. You can see him on FitTV. His exercise program worked out for me really good.

Believe me. You don’t really need to go to the gym, just workout yourself daily basis with his workout program. You can see the result as quick as possible.

Today, when I was trying to check his workout DVDs from the website, Look what I found!?

He was at last year’s Emmy Awards!

Tom Hanks, and lots of celebrity did exercise with him!

Oh my god, I didn’t know that his show was that famous!!

Check out the video, so hiliarious 😀 hahahaha




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