Humanoid Robot/女性型ヒューマノイドロボット

The development of technology is always high in Japan. They did it again.
A new humanoid robot, HRP-4C was introduced to all over the world.

In the video, the robot made a surprised posture and an angry posture.
It didn’t look perfect. It still needs more improvement.




Personaly, I felt that I’m so proud that Japanese developers did another great job in history…,but on the other hand, I felt that this is insane…and scary too…:P


  1. The_Brain · March 20, 2009

    haha the humanoid robot scary lol.On tv it always start like this: 1.Humans create Artificial Intelligence,2. Artificial Intelligence develops and rebel against humans…lol I watch too much tv


  2. The_Brain · April 4, 2009

    Oh my god I know why your post sounded so familiar, they showed that robot in the last episode of Battlestar Galactica.In the last images where they implied that history might repeat itself…She is even scarier now.


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