Ninja Warrior 22 /第22回SASUKE 春2009

The time has come! Coolest man of the Ninja Warrior all stars, Makoto Nagano is about to challenge another SASUKE!!

All Stars
SASUKE オールスターズ

SASUKE is Japanese sports entertainment television show. 100 competitors attempt to complete four amazing obstacle course stages.
In America, we can watch edited ver. of SASUKE on G4, called “Ninja Warrior”. Makoto Nagano is the 2nd Ninja Warrior champion in 2006!
Since he conquered the all stage, all stage of obstacles were redesigned, much more difficult…

In the last Ninja Warrior tournament in fall 2008, Makoto Nagano ended up the 3rd stage. It was really close to the final!!
Makoto Nagano emailed me and said, new SASUKE is coming up this Monday in Japan.

My boyfriend and I are big fan of him, and always cheering him up when everytime we watch SASUKE. We’re looking foward to seeing him bacome champion again!

Go for it!! Nagano~~~!!!! We believe you can do it!!!

2006年の完全制覇の動画  The 2nd Ninja Warrior Champion





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