Download Ringtones for iPhone

I was making some ringtone for my iPhone from music of my iTunes. I was working on the regular music or game music from my iTunes Library at first, that was an early this morining.

but I suddenely heard that my cowoker’s ringtone at my desk…Dang! That is sweet!That was from one of the famous Japanese 70s~80s drama series theme.

I came home, find the free ringtone download site, and downloadig some theme music from movies, TV, and Japanese Anime.

These are that I downloaded,
“Desperate Housewives Theme”, “Back to the Future Theme”, “20 FOX Fanfare”,”Katamari Damacy Theme”,and “Lupin the 3rd(Japanese Anime) Theme”.

Guess what!
Which one is my default ringtone? (゚ペ)?

そろそろ自分のiPhone の着メロが飽きたのでiTunesライブラリに入ってる他の曲で着信音を作ろうとし、今日、朝会社のコンピュータでしばらく使っていなかったiTunes を立ち上げた。すでにいくつか候補を作成し終った頃、おもしろい着メロが聞こえて来た!

トゥットゥットゥルル~♪ トゥットゥットゥルル~♪


(↑こんな感じで驚いた 笑)





『ルパン三世』のテーマ 『塊魂(ゲーム)』のテーマソングなどなどです。



  1. The_Brain · March 13, 2009

    I never understood why people pay for ringtones when You can use any regular mp3 as a ringtone.


  2. Erina · March 14, 2009

    Right, maybe those people don’t know how to get a free ringtone.


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