Day Light Saving again…/夏時間だよ♪

Some of my friends have already talked about this topic on their blogs for their family or friends in Japan.

I’m doing the same thing and letting my family and friends know that the time in LA is 1 hour ahead.
Normally, time differnce between Japan and Los Angeles is 17hrs, summer time is 16hrs.

So now it’s summer time! People are not in the US who have friends or famiily in here, just remind that.

I feel the day light saving, changing to summer time this year is pretty earlier than last year. Last year is much earlier than the year before last year…


I’m kinda curious about the day light saving theory. After year and after, it comes always earlier season than before. First time I came to US, I remembered that it comes always around April.
How come? Why changed?

If anyone know about this clue, just tell my why.

日本にいるみんな、よっちとかww 覚えててねー♪




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