Melrose Place / メルローズプレイス始動か?

Recently, I’ve been obsessed by 80s and 90s stuff, music and TV drama series, and movies(oops, movies what I’ve been watching were not 80s or 90s…it’s 60s! hahaha:P)

In music, I’ve been listening to are early late 80’s through early 90’s hit songs, such as Guns n’ Roses,Wilson Phillips,Kylie Minogue,Mariah Carey,Whitney Houston,Jamiroquai,so and so. I’ve been also listening to 80s and 90s Japanese Pop music also.

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite show back in 90’s. It’s “Melrose Place“.
I started watching the 1st season by DVD again.

“Melrose Place” was created by Darren Star, who is well known by “Sex and the city” director, and produced by the super producer Aaron Spelling, who’s Tori’s dad. I bought this series because that was my favorite TV series when I was in Japan…, but the middle of the seaoson 7 or something, that show got canceled…I remembered it was awkward ending.

Last year, E! Online reported due to “90210” sucess, there’s possibility of a new Melrose Place starts soon.

One of my blog followers also announced the CW and CBS are now working on this remake show. So I’m kinda looking forward to seeing it though.

ディレクターはあの”Sex and the City“で有名なダレン・スター。今年の秋にリメイク版が遂に始まる?とのことで、またまた盛り上がってきた今日この頃。


お嬢様ブルック役にはクリスティン・デイヴィスが。『Sex and the City』シャーロット役で人気を得ました!


Melrose Place 2.0 が待ちきれない~~~


  1. The_Brain · March 5, 2009

    I haven’t watched Melrose since quite some time, I think I might rent the dvds before the new show start off.I really hope Courtney Thorne-Smith (Allison) comes on the new show because she was my Actresses in the 60’s were hot and classy (i.e Sophia loren, Patricia Neal lol)


  2. Erina · March 5, 2009

    I loved every character when I was watching this show. Marcia Cross was always interesting to watch, and also, Heather Locklear. Alison is likable character. So I could understand why you like her. *Actresses in the 60’s were hot and classy part, Yes,I AGREE!;)


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