Hottest day in 2009 so far…/今年一番の夏日

It’s freaking convertible day, wasn’t it!? 84℉ in Los Angeles, today…

Afeter having a breakfast at usual place, I saw really cool “Vapor Trail”!
That was sooo beautiful! (See pictures below⇊)

I had an event to attend tonight, there was a Private party at 208 rodeo executive chef’s place. (I’m going to blog about this story sometime soon…)

I went with no sleeves summer shirt on, but I never felt coldness.
Tonight was like one of those nights that you can wear no sleeves shirt until night time.

I love this kinda weather! I really do!

日本では最低気温3℃という今年一番の寒さが来ていたというのに、ここLos Angeles では最高気温30℃という、今年一番の夏日を迎えた今日は、




Vapor Trail


マジで熱かったよーーー あぢーーーおーーー
Today was soooo freaking hot…


夜にロデオドライブにあるレストラン208Rodeoのエグゼクティブシェフ、Joseph Mahon宅へ行ったのですが、ノースリーブに上着無しで行ってもまったく大丈夫なくらいwww



One comment

  1. The_Brain · March 3, 2009

    I hope that the show will be better than the new 90210. One thing is sure we’ll see the old actors from Melrose on the new…Nice Mustang by the way 🙂


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