New Ramen Restaurant in Little Tokyo/坦々麺のレストラン

The other night after work, I went to the new ramen restaurant, called “CHIN-MA-YA of Tokyo” in Little Tokyo. The feature of this ramen is the Szechuan cuisine style. Szechuan cuisine is a style of Chinese cuisine originating in Sichuan Province of southwestern China. 99C beer is available during the time between 5pm-9pm,but when we got there it’s already past 8 o’clock… luckily, the waitress said we can still have that 99c beer, so?? of course we ordered it!!


This ramen is called, Sesame ramen. This one I had at the time…just without the spiciness…I can’t eat really spicy…

My friend had Chin-Ma-han(Mapo dofu with rice/medium spicy) and tantan ramen(Spicy)…Look at that color!! looooooked soooo spicy… but it’s not that spicy when I had a one bite…:P

My friend also tried my ramen, and said my ramen tasted better than the one she ordered. And afterall,without the spiciness is tastier,that’s what she said. You can also compare to tantan ramen (spicy ramen) and sesame ramen(without the spicy)…and let me know which one is better…;)


CHIN-MA-YA of Tokyo
Astronaut Ellison S Onizuka St.
Weller Court 2F
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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