A Box from Dad/日本からの届け物

I got a box from my dad in Japan…

There was a bunch of instant ramen(Japanese instant noodle),Wagashi(Japanese Sweets like Yokan,Hina arare,etc),Omamori (Japanese amulet),my Guns n’roses classic Use your Illusion I &II CDs(sooo old huh?),instant pasta sauce and tasty curry sauce(ingredients are already packed in)! Yeppie!!
Most of those stuff I received were convenient food from Japan.
Among all, instant cuury and pasta are yummy!! You don’t really have to cook specially. All you have to do is just boiled water, put the pauch in the hot water, wait 3 min and ready to go! It’s soooo easy and soooo tasty!
You can also find similar type of those from Japanese store, but doesn’t taste really good though :-/

Thank you Dad!! I loved them all!!


これでしばらく日本食には困らんー ワーイといったところ。

よっち ありがとう~



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