Lost season 5

The new season, “Lost” just started!!
I didn’t even expect that there had 2 episodes tonight!
I felt so grateful! I think it’s really respectful for fans.

When the last scene of the episode, finally Lock got to see Sawyer and Juliet at the island, I just screamed out,like…” Whoo!!” haha, just so excited, can’t imagine…


The whole episodes today was getting more mysterious and complicated.

People who are still in the Island, also people who got off the island already, having their completely different life. I’m so excited to see those 2 groups of people…,what things happen to them?? Why Lock needs to die!?

I look forward to seeing the new epsisode on next Wednesday!

Lost の新シリーズが始まった~!


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  1. makipoo · January 29, 2009



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