Summer time weather in Jan./ 1月なのに・・・

It’s been almost a week, like a summer time weather in Los Angeles, CA. Highest degrees of a day has been over 80F…

Today’s weather was like no clouds…, just blue in the sky…!
Feel like want to go to the beach and get a tan even if it’s winter…

<—-Beautiful Clear Blue Sky

My boss said he’s going to go snowboarding this weekend, but I wonder if there’s still snow out there?? Go to the beach and go surfing instead of snow boarding :P! Today, I saw a lot of women were waearing summer dress, or cami..even I was wearing tanktop with mini-skirt, that’s kinda weather in Hollywood! What a nice!! …but it won’t be last… Next week, the temperature is going to drop down…around 60F’s… hmm…:(

 ←午後4時ごろの空!It’s around 4pm sky.





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