Silent Night/アナログな夜

Last night was one of the silent nights around my apt building.
All the cable connections and Internet lines got cut off in entire building…. I didn’t notice this until I turned the TV on when I got home from work…I was planning to watch another exciting Laker game, and also the new season of the American Idol..etc…

When I turned the cable on, it says…”The service will be back shortly…”
So I waited patiently for half an hour from then, yet it didn’t get back to normal, I rebooted the cable receiver. 5 min later, I turned it on again… usually it works out if it’s normal problem occurred, but it didn’t work last night. Then I called the cable company to see what’s going on. Their answer was cable connections which includes the internet connections somehow got cut off since 4pm.
They also said, “Some of us had been working on it to resolve the problem for hours…All you can do is just wait…” Hmm, I wondered why this building tonight was sooo quiet. Usually I can hear the sound of TV from my neighbors, people’s laughs and screams…, but I couldn’t catch those sounds at all last night…Oh boy..,I couldn’t even do net surfing and writing my blog,either…so I decided to watch the DVDs…until the problem would be resolved…

Wait and wait and wait…,
it’s almost 12 o’clock of the midnite, I was like, “oh man… I missed my TV luxury time in the whole evening…😦

This morning, everything has been back to normal…
On the news, they started talking about the hiliarious moment from the last night’s American Idol…”wow…wanted to check those out.” That’s what I thought at first…,but no time for doing that such an early morning!
I’m gonna be late for work!

I hope not this thing will happen again!
cos I hated it!!

まったく回復の兆しなし・・・。昨日は最近絶好調のレイカーズの試合アメリカンアイドルの新しいエピソードを見ようと楽しみに家に帰ったのにぃー、まったく回復しないケーブルとインターネット回線のおかげで両方とも見逃すハメに=( ̄□ ̄;)⇒


おーいっΣ川 ̄▽ ̄;川









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