Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Night ホラーナイト

The next day of the Halloween, my friends and I had an experince of another halloween horror night at Universal studios hollywood.

The Universal Studios are usually open to public during the day,night time is always closed. But Halloween horror nights event was exceptional, at the night, they were open from 7pm-2am.

Before at 7 o’clock, our folks just tried to get something food, we walked around citywalk, and descided to go to Bubba Gump! The tropical drink that I ordered was sooo tasty! The bottom of this glass was lighting on and off nicely! I should have gotten a souvenir glass of it.

At the gate, surprisingly we met a celebrity, Drew Barrymore!!! She was sooo cute and not taller than I expected…I think she’s quite petite, like me…hehe!

The pass we had was called “Front of line Pass”, which means we don’t need to get in line a whole theme park attractions and rides.
That was awesome!! It definitely saved our time! We didn’t even waste any minutes at all 😉
As many as chainsaw guys were scared the sxxx out of us!!!!!! We got in to the bunch of horror houses,where we meet Jason, Fredie, Texas Chainsaw guy…unfortunately everything looked so same to us, but we got screamed anyway…

Backlot Tram was better than usual. I’m not sure it’s only open to public during the event or maybe it’s already open…You had an opportunity to walk through a whole sets of Alfred Hitchcock movie, “Psyco” and Spielberg movie, “War of the world”. That was phenomenon!
Nobody had taken any pictures of those movie sets…so I thought we were not allowed to take any pics…so no pics! sorry!!

We also tried the regular rides,such as Mummy the ride, Jurassic Park, new simpsons ride, and classic T2:3D, wth!? hehe…yeh, some rides needs to be renewed…, other wise nobody wants to go there any more!
Overall, I had so much fun out there with my folks! Thank you all!




そしてやっとパーク内に入場~ っとその前に荷物チェックとボディチェック。。


並んでいる一般人を横目にセレブ気分を味わいながら、ふふふ~っと ボディチェックへ!私がトップバッターで検査に挑んでいた時、隣のラインにふと目をやると、おおおっ!更に上が!!そう、VIPライン!どんな人がVIPなのかなぁ?と思って、じーっと見ていると、ん? この顔に見覚えが…。


なんと ET、Charlie’s Angel、Never been kissed などでお馴染みのドリュー・バリモアが私の真横でボディチェック受けてたんです!しかも、超至近距離~~っ!!




Backlotトラムに乗って普段は遠くからしか見ることができなかった映画「サイコ」のBates Motel のセットのまん前を歩いたり、「War of the World:邦題-宇宙戦争」だっけ?あれのセットの目の前を徘徊できたり、それだけで来た価値有り!!って思ったりしてしまった。

ハロウィンナイトは終わってしまいましたが、ユニバーサルへ出向く機会があったら、新アトラクション、シンプソンズライドと 大人気Mummy the Ride は押さえておくべし!

トラムの中で~with my sis Yuki~♥宇宙船のカプセルで喜んでる、あかねち♥Inside of Simpsons Rideなんじゃこりゃ!w

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