Japanese Sake Party & Kikikii night

Last saturyday night was the Party night for me…

kiyokawa restaurantI went to Japanese Sake Party at Kiyokawa restaurant(one of the best and expensive Japanese restaurant in LA), and after that went to kikikii(name of the events) at Libertine in Hollywood. Both party kicked ass!

sashimiAt Kiyokawa restaurant, I had a goood Japanese full course meal with some different kinds of Sake. The chef/owner of kiyokawa restaurant, served us sweet shrimp sashimi which was really tasty, but the body of the shrimp was still alived when he dish up on the plates…eww…looked kinda gross tho… when it came to our table it’s all dead! Dang it! I should have record the video…

After having great sake and Japanese food, I headed to another party in Hollywood.I’ve heard that it’s going to be a halloween party so I thought I should wear a costume. To make sure of that, I called up one of my girl friend and asked about what you guys are going to wear for the party. What she said was,nobody wears costumes…
wtf!!!!!???(sorry… :P)…..I was going to wear a costume though but nobody wears costumes!!??…. OK…., forget about it… Me and my boy Gigi headed to the party with no costumes…Yes!! I was right! After we got there, we didn’t see any one of my people wear costumes at all…phew…!
It was a smart decision I made indeed…not wearing any costumes…you know why? because it was soooo hot in that place at the night. I got sweaty, and started worry if I wore a costume I might have spoiled it…

kikikii nite

I got so tired by the time I got to home, but over all, I had a great time with cool pals during the weekend. It was so much fun!
Enjoyable saturday night…


amaebi shrimp



One comment

  1. soul of Japan · December 17, 2011

    You are so cool. What are you doing in my country? Have you ever been to Shibucho, in downtown L.A.?


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