Say Hello to iPhone iPhone でびゅー

Finally, my old cell phone got useless…I had been with Verizon(one of the hugest nation wide cell phone company in the US) for over 7 yrs, but this time, no more stick to it…my phone that i used for over 3 yrs, got in truoble….its battery is out sooo fast, couldn’t get signals…etc…. yea right, it’s time to get a new one!
So I went to the Apple store with Gigi last Sunday and we got an iPhone. One for me and one for himself.
My first iPhone!! Wow~!
Technically…, I’ve changed my cell phone company from Verizon to AT&T.
there’s a big change for the price of monthly payment bet Verizon and AT&T, AT&T costs more…but it’s still cool that I got the new 3G iPhone! Say hello to AT&T, Good bye to Verizon!

Does anybody know that if there are any good application, let me know which one!? I will get them! Im still kinda exploring how to use iPhone though…haha

Downloaded some Wallpapers for iPhone…

この機会にiPhone 買おうかな~っと思い立って、ボーイフレンドと一緒にiPhone購入~~~!

通話料以外にデータ料金などが加わり、今までの携帯より月々の料金アップ、それだけがうーん。。。と思うところですが、いろんな機能をいっぱい使えるiPhone はやっぱり凄~い~。

まだ全然使いこなせていないので、iPhone 愛用者の方で、アプリとかお薦めのがあったら、教えてくださ~い ^O^

ちなみに、↓の3つのイメージは、iPhone 用 壁紙 ダウンロードしたものです。

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