Mentalist Banachek!  メンタリストマジシャン 

A couple of nights ago, I got a chance to meet a Mentalist Magician, Banachek!
I didn’t know that Banachek was the first man invented bending spoon! Not the famous Uri Geller! people!

Banachek had been staying at my friend Mayumi’s place, for working on a project with her husband Erich.
On the night when I met Banachek, originally I had a plan to see Mayumi and Midori for having a dinner together at Vivoli(Best Italian restaurant in Hollywood ^^). Mayumi called me up and said, if she can bring her husband and his guest. So I said, no problems! And then, when a dinner time came, Banachek showed up himself with Mayumis. Our regular dinner meeting turned out to be a surprised dinner show.
It was fantastic! Actually he performed his magic at the restaurant on our table, he showed us famous bending spoon thing and reading mind thing!
I was overwhelmed!! I love magic and stuff since I was a little. I used to into Uri Geller magic…haha…sorry. But indeedy,Banachek just brought my mind back to my old days…reminded me of the moment that I was fascinated by illusionist or so-called magician…I took a pic with him also with everybody at the dinner party. That was a really nice evening recently I’ve ever had. Thanks Mayumi chan Erich, and Banachek! I had a wonderful time!
>> the image of the top is Banachek’s booklet with hie signature!
>> the last image was the most popular pasta of the night in our table.



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