Vote for "Vivoli!" 投票よろしく~!

Please vote for Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria for the Best Italian restaurant in L.A.!
They won the last year competition of the best Italian restaurant of the LA Hotlist on They have good food,wine,atmosphere and friendly services. When you have a chance to go there, after you finished your meal, you definitely must try their coffee, espresso and tiramisu! mmmmmmmmm!!!! Those are yummy!!!! I’ve never had such a nice tasty coffee without milk ever before! Of course they use special coffee beans from Italy, so it does really taste so good not like any other famous american coffee shop does. Indeed, vivoli is one of the successful restaurants in L.A. If you go there, or have you ever been to vivoli, you’ve already known what I am talking about. So now, another year has come! it’s time to beat the others!

The link that you can access to vote is as follows,
Vote for “Vivoli cafe”

Grazie mire,

突然ですが、ジジのイタリアンレストラン、Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria に投票をお願いします!
去年、 のLA Hotlist で見事ナンバー1に輝くことができましたが、今年もやります!
お店の中がちょっと狭いのが難点だけど、OMG! あそこのコーヒー、エスプレッソとティラミスは抜群!!!!ブラックはダメだった私でもあそこのレストランのコーヒーのブラックは飲める!!!ってハッキリ言いきれます!もちろん、イタリアから仕入れた特別なコーヒー豆なので、そのへんのスタバとかコーヒービーンのコーヒーと一緒にされちゃあ、困りますよ~~~>ふふっ


7994 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Vivoli’s Website レストランのウェブサイト↓


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