Monday 月曜日

The follwing blog was written in early last week…Sorry, I didn’t post it.

Monday has come again!!! I usually started off my day pretty slow and peacefully at work, but today was different from usual. As soon as I got to work, my boss bugged me for the problems, so I had to contact several people from different departments to solve the problems. Honestly, I don’t have problems talking with people, or bugging people, but if the person did have his/her attitudes…,I start to think, first, hey man,drop your attitude, secondly, Relax! thirdly, OMG! how come you can’t ever admit that what you did was wrong!? and the bottom line is soooo stressful talking with these kinda people!! I don’t want to make any problems, just want them to listen, understand what I am saying and my point of views that’s all! I don’t wanna get stressed out because of that, it feels like he/she ruined my whole day or something… I don’t want that at all, especially on Mondays….

However,I am so simple-minded, when the happy lunch time came, my stress was all gone! I found a tasty homemade sandwich place nearby my office in downtown.
I forgot the name of the place though, but the sandwich was soooo good, and the guy who works there also nice and friendly. While he’s making me a sandwich, he talked constantly and I talked also…We talked about nothing important,haha but he and the sandwich definitely took my stress away! That’s what I’m talking about! Especially when I had a bad day like this, I need someone to talk to, also need someone makes me laugh. Then afterwards, I can start to forget about it, not worth it, or bullshit!! (Oops…) Btw, Im going to post the picture of the sandwich!
Thanks for reading about my full of nonsense.
P.S. Chocolate croissant was great too! No greasy at all!




P.S. 下記のチョコレートクロワッサンもいちおし。あぶらっこくなくて、ふっくらしてておいしかった~

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