Italian Feast in L.A. イタリアンフェスティバル

I went to the 7th annnual Italian Feast lately. It was located on Hollywood/Highland. There was a last from my girlfriend, told me that there’s an Italian festival’s going on at nearby my place. It was easy access for me to get there, just a couple of miles from home. Sooo my b-friend,Gigi and I decided to go there and join my girlfriend and her husband for a while. Although Gigi had to go to work in a couple of hours from that time, it was actually fun. There are lots of food, drinks and music…etc. I thought at least that we could have more enjoyed the festival, if G and I had spent more time there… in spite of the fact that we had a really good time. Gigi bought me a cute Italian t-shirt from the festival…mmmmI like it! Thanks a lot!

実は友達夫婦からこの情報を得て、彼らと合流しようということだったのだけどもジジが仕事に行かなくてはならなかったので、ものの30~40分ぐらいしか彼らとは一緒にいれなかったんだよね~ ざんねん・・・。
イタリアといえば、GELATO だけど、格別うまい!っていうGELATOを期待していたが、大したことなくてちとガッカリー。。。
ま、所詮こんなもんでしょーw ジジも、本当のイタリアの良いもの(売っている商品など)は


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  1. mayumi · October 6, 2008



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