Movie Screening of "Changeling"  試写会“チェンジリング”

Just went to the movie screening of changeling last night, it released in theatre everywhere from today.

“Changeling is a being in West European folklore and folk religion, typically described as the offspring of a fairy, troll, elf or other legendary creature that has been secretly left in the place of a human child.” ~ by WIKIPEDIA~

My impression of this movie was kinda shocking. The old prohibition-era in LA, 1928, women sacrificed a lot… Old era LAPD…they hid and erased all the suspicious dirty records and also they’re such a lazy ass!!! What they’ve done to women was soooo….brutal……Women were not allowed to challenge the system and couldn’t tell their true story… It made me feel that how women difficult to live in the era…oh boy, I’m so lucky that I was not living in the era…
Overall, I liked this movie a lot, in spite of the fact that it was 141min movie, I didn’t get bored at all(yea, some movies makes me sleep tho…heehe). Clint Eastwood directs this movie nicely done. Angelina Jolie and John Malkovich both were great in it too. If you want to know the truth what happened in 1928 in LA, better see this.

Btw, Happy Halloween to everyone!

Brief Synopsis
Los Angeles, 1928: On a Saturday morning in a working-class suburb, Christine said goodbye to her son, Walter, and left for work. When she came home, she discovered he had vanished. A months later, a boy claiming to be the nine-year-old is returned. Dazed by the swirl of cops, reporters and her conflicted emotions, Christine allows him to stay overnight. But in her heart, she knows he is not Walter…


「チェンジリングとは、日本語では『取替え子』と言う意味で、ヨーロッパの伝承で、フェアリー・エルフ・トロールなど伝承の生物の子と、人間の子供が秘密裡に取り替えられること、またその取り替えられた子のことをいうらしいです。」(by うぃき)





では、みなさん、Happy Halloween!


Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car in Italy

Sooo cool!! Don’t even try to race them!!!


Japanese Sake Party & Kikikii night

Last saturyday night was the Party night for me…

kiyokawa restaurantI went to Japanese Sake Party at Kiyokawa restaurant(one of the best and expensive Japanese restaurant in LA), and after that went to kikikii(name of the events) at Libertine in Hollywood. Both party kicked ass!

sashimiAt Kiyokawa restaurant, I had a goood Japanese full course meal with some different kinds of Sake. The chef/owner of kiyokawa restaurant, served us sweet shrimp sashimi which was really tasty, but the body of the shrimp was still alived when he dish up on the plates…eww…looked kinda gross tho… when it came to our table it’s all dead! Dang it! I should have record the video…

After having great sake and Japanese food, I headed to another party in Hollywood.I’ve heard that it’s going to be a halloween party so I thought I should wear a costume. To make sure of that, I called up one of my girl friend and asked about what you guys are going to wear for the party. What she said was,nobody wears costumes…
wtf!!!!!???(sorry… :P)…..I was going to wear a costume though but nobody wears costumes!!??…. OK…., forget about it… Me and my boy Gigi headed to the party with no costumes…Yes!! I was right! After we got there, we didn’t see any one of my people wear costumes at all…phew…!
It was a smart decision I made indeed…not wearing any costumes…you know why? because it was soooo hot in that place at the night. I got sweaty, and started worry if I wore a costume I might have spoiled it…

kikikii nite

I got so tired by the time I got to home, but over all, I had a great time with cool pals during the weekend. It was so much fun!
Enjoyable saturday night…


amaebi shrimp



Esquire magazine’00 懐かしの エスクワイヤ マガジン"00

In 2000,when I was a student, I got scouted as a golf fashioned model for the esquire magazine. Actually I was not the only one did modeling back then, but also my a cople of my friends, Jiro, Sori, and Teppei.
The reason why I posted this, because I just googled myself, Erina Sako, like this, and found exact my name and others on the google. I clicked on it, and found out that it was about us being a model on the esquire magazin back in days! I posted the link also, you can check that out, but no pics tho.

学生時代にスカウトされてエスクワイアマガジンのモデルの仕事をしたことがあったんですが、たまたま、Erina Sako で自分をググってみたら、そのときの記事をなんとネットで発見!!もう今年が2008年だから、8年も前の話かよっ…、 って思いましたが、嬉しくて懐かしくなったので、リンクを下に載せました。

Esquire magazine Golf Fashion 2000

Gov. Palin Cold Open 本物サラ・ペイリン登場!

I’ve been watching this video so many times…but still hilliarious!! i love Alec Baldwin, anyway.


Say Hello to iPhone iPhone でびゅー

Finally, my old cell phone got useless…I had been with Verizon(one of the hugest nation wide cell phone company in the US) for over 7 yrs, but this time, no more stick to it…my phone that i used for over 3 yrs, got in truoble….its battery is out sooo fast, couldn’t get signals…etc…. yea right, it’s time to get a new one!
So I went to the Apple store with Gigi last Sunday and we got an iPhone. One for me and one for himself.
My first iPhone!! Wow~!
Technically…, I’ve changed my cell phone company from Verizon to AT&T.
there’s a big change for the price of monthly payment bet Verizon and AT&T, AT&T costs more…but it’s still cool that I got the new 3G iPhone! Say hello to AT&T, Good bye to Verizon!

Does anybody know that if there are any good application, let me know which one!? I will get them! Im still kinda exploring how to use iPhone though…haha

Downloaded some Wallpapers for iPhone…

この機会にiPhone 買おうかな~っと思い立って、ボーイフレンドと一緒にiPhone購入~~~!

通話料以外にデータ料金などが加わり、今までの携帯より月々の料金アップ、それだけがうーん。。。と思うところですが、いろんな機能をいっぱい使えるiPhone はやっぱり凄~い~。

まだ全然使いこなせていないので、iPhone 愛用者の方で、アプリとかお薦めのがあったら、教えてくださ~い ^O^

ちなみに、↓の3つのイメージは、iPhone 用 壁紙 ダウンロードしたものです。

Again, strong yen rate. さてさて円高です。

Since America’s economy is bad, Japanese yen is rising again…$1=100yen!! I heard that yen is rising more and more…I hope not the Japan also fall in to recession caused by the strong yen… Daddy! I think this is the time to send me some money from my bank account in Japan! JK.


Mentalist Banachek!  メンタリストマジシャン 

A couple of nights ago, I got a chance to meet a Mentalist Magician, Banachek!
I didn’t know that Banachek was the first man invented bending spoon! Not the famous Uri Geller! people!

Banachek had been staying at my friend Mayumi’s place, for working on a project with her husband Erich.
On the night when I met Banachek, originally I had a plan to see Mayumi and Midori for having a dinner together at Vivoli(Best Italian restaurant in Hollywood ^^). Mayumi called me up and said, if she can bring her husband and his guest. So I said, no problems! And then, when a dinner time came, Banachek showed up himself with Mayumis. Our regular dinner meeting turned out to be a surprised dinner show.
It was fantastic! Actually he performed his magic at the restaurant on our table, he showed us famous bending spoon thing and reading mind thing!
I was overwhelmed!! I love magic and stuff since I was a little. I used to into Uri Geller magic…haha…sorry. But indeedy,Banachek just brought my mind back to my old days…reminded me of the moment that I was fascinated by illusionist or so-called magician…I took a pic with him also with everybody at the dinner party. That was a really nice evening recently I’ve ever had. Thanks Mayumi chan Erich, and Banachek! I had a wonderful time!
>> the image of the top is Banachek’s booklet with hie signature!
>> the last image was the most popular pasta of the night in our table.



Monday 月曜日

The follwing blog was written in early last week…Sorry, I didn’t post it.

Monday has come again!!! I usually started off my day pretty slow and peacefully at work, but today was different from usual. As soon as I got to work, my boss bugged me for the problems, so I had to contact several people from different departments to solve the problems. Honestly, I don’t have problems talking with people, or bugging people, but if the person did have his/her attitudes…,I start to think, first, hey man,drop your attitude, secondly, Relax! thirdly, OMG! how come you can’t ever admit that what you did was wrong!? and the bottom line is soooo stressful talking with these kinda people!! I don’t want to make any problems, just want them to listen, understand what I am saying and my point of views that’s all! I don’t wanna get stressed out because of that, it feels like he/she ruined my whole day or something… I don’t want that at all, especially on Mondays….

However,I am so simple-minded, when the happy lunch time came, my stress was all gone! I found a tasty homemade sandwich place nearby my office in downtown.
I forgot the name of the place though, but the sandwich was soooo good, and the guy who works there also nice and friendly. While he’s making me a sandwich, he talked constantly and I talked also…We talked about nothing important,haha but he and the sandwich definitely took my stress away! That’s what I’m talking about! Especially when I had a bad day like this, I need someone to talk to, also need someone makes me laugh. Then afterwards, I can start to forget about it, not worth it, or bullshit!! (Oops…) Btw, Im going to post the picture of the sandwich!
Thanks for reading about my full of nonsense.
P.S. Chocolate croissant was great too! No greasy at all!




P.S. 下記のチョコレートクロワッサンもいちおし。あぶらっこくなくて、ふっくらしてておいしかった~

Vote for "Vivoli!" 投票よろしく~!

Please vote for Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria for the Best Italian restaurant in L.A.!
They won the last year competition of the best Italian restaurant of the LA Hotlist on They have good food,wine,atmosphere and friendly services. When you have a chance to go there, after you finished your meal, you definitely must try their coffee, espresso and tiramisu! mmmmmmmmm!!!! Those are yummy!!!! I’ve never had such a nice tasty coffee without milk ever before! Of course they use special coffee beans from Italy, so it does really taste so good not like any other famous american coffee shop does. Indeed, vivoli is one of the successful restaurants in L.A. If you go there, or have you ever been to vivoli, you’ve already known what I am talking about. So now, another year has come! it’s time to beat the others!

The link that you can access to vote is as follows,
Vote for “Vivoli cafe”

Grazie mire,

突然ですが、ジジのイタリアンレストラン、Vivoli Cafe & Trattoria に投票をお願いします!
去年、 のLA Hotlist で見事ナンバー1に輝くことができましたが、今年もやります!
お店の中がちょっと狭いのが難点だけど、OMG! あそこのコーヒー、エスプレッソとティラミスは抜群!!!!ブラックはダメだった私でもあそこのレストランのコーヒーのブラックは飲める!!!ってハッキリ言いきれます!もちろん、イタリアから仕入れた特別なコーヒー豆なので、そのへんのスタバとかコーヒービーンのコーヒーと一緒にされちゃあ、困りますよ~~~>ふふっ


7994 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Vivoli’s Website レストランのウェブサイト↓